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Filmmaker and Video Artist

Laia Cabrera is a Spanish filmmaker and video artist based in New York. She merges cinematic arts, dance, music, theater and visual arts. Recipient of many awards including KrTU Young Creators, the National Catalan Art Grant (CONCA), AVA and Telly awards, NYIT awards 2015 winner for Best Art Production and 3-time nominee for Outstanding Innovative Video Design and winner of the Kodak & Color Lab award for Best Cinematic film for Under Influence. Her work includes traditional and experimental filmmaking, multimedia-theater and video-mapped site-specific installations presented worldwide and commissioned by major institutions. She is currently the artistic director of LAIA CABRERA & CO co-founded with French animator Isabelle Duverger, a team of visual artists producing a wide range of multimedia projects.




2019      Grant from FLUTTER EXPERIENCE to create the immersive interactive video and sound installation "Illusion", Los Angeles
2018      Resident Artists of COOLTURE IMPACT, the largest video interactive public art platform, New York
2018      Official Selection of SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Armory Arts Week, New York

2017      Farragut Fund for Catalan Culture in the U.S. Grant

2016      Talent Madrid 2016 Finalist

2016      Telly Awards 2016 Silver Winner for Best Direction (Highest Distinction)

2015      Grant from Georgetown Business Improvement District, Washington DC

2015      Grant from DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities

2015      New York Innovative Theater Award Winner for the multimedia theater piece  "Night" Outstanding Performance Art Production

2015      New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee for "Night" Outstanding Innovative Design

2014      New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee for "Cosmicomics" Outstanding Innovative Design

2014      Telly Awards 2014 Bronze Winner for Best Art Direction

2013      New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee for "Garden of Delights" Outstanding Innovative Design

2013      Telly Awards 2013 Silver Winner for Best Documentary

2013      Telly Awards 2013 Silver Winner for Best Animation

2013      AVA Digital Awards 2013 Platinum Winner Best video Animation and Best Creativity

2013      AVA Digital Awards 2013 Gold Winner Best Documentary

2010      CONCA Grant for "Claim your Place" from the Consell Nacional de la Cultura I de les Arts, Catalonia, Spain

2010      Residency in Topia Arts New York, USA, May - June 2010

2009      Residency L'animal a l'esquena. Nu2's, Celrà, Spain, Nov 2009

2002      Best Cinematic Film Award for "Under Influence" at The 23rd Annual Invitational Film Festival, NY

2000      KrTU Award for Young Creators for the international exhibition and multimedia project "Neutral Identities" by the Department of 

               Culture of the Government of Catalonia, Spain

1997      "Year Lumière" project Two-year research Grant by the Audiovisual Communication Department of the Autonomous University 

               of Barcelona, Spain


VIDEO PROJECTION MAPPING (Shows and Installations)

2020     "Dream-e-scape" video and sound immersive interactive installation, Flutter Experience, Los Angeles, CA (In production)
2020     "Shifting Gaze" & "Untitled Mind", Festival ECOSS, Fabra i Coats, Centre d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

2020     "Within Reach" video and sound immersive interactive installation, Art Wall Coolvines Powerhouse, Jersey City, NJ

2019-20 "Illusion" video and sound immersive interactive installation, Flutter Experience, Los Angeles, CA

2018-20 "The Now" Public Art Interactive LED Wall Installation, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Times Square, New York (Largest Interactive
                Art Wall in New York). Created by Isabelle Duverger and Laia Cabrera, Interactivity by NoirFlux, Curated by Coolture New York
2019     "Untitled Mind" videoart installation, Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, NY
2018     "Shifting Gaze" "Untitled Mind" & "Quantum" videoart installations for JCAST HQ, Jersey City, NJ

2018     "Self On the Shelf" Immersive Interactive Site-Specific Video and Sound Installation, Selected at the Spring/Break Art Show
             (Part of the Armory Arts Week), Times Square, New York. Created by Isabelle Duverger and Laia Cabrera, Interactivity by
             Nicola Carpegianni, Curated by Christine Miele

2017     Building Projection Mapping for Deutsches Haus' 40th anniversary

              Video Projection Mapping, Visuals and Animations by Laia Cabrera & Isabelle Duverger (Laia Cabrera & Co), 

              Deutsches Haus at NYU - Friday, September 22, 2017

2017     “Dragons & Books & Roses” building projection mapping on Washington Square Mews in which architecture, drawn illustrations, 

              animations and movement come together in a visual celebration of literature and the legend of Sant Jordi in the heart of Greenwich 

              Village, Manhattan, organized by The Farragut Fund for Catalan Culture in the U.S. and the Catalan Institute of America.

2017     “Morgxn – XX” Projection Mapping for Music Video

2016     “Aire: Visual Concert for Nomads” Site-Specific Visual Concert and Projection Mapping,

              Underwear Factory, Poughkeepsie, Hudson Valley New York, as a large scale 5000 sq/ft visual concert performed live with an 

              ensemble orchestra and sponsored by Art Mid Hudson, NYSCA. Created by Laia Cabrera (Film Direction), Javier Moreno 

              Sanchez (Music Direction) and Isabelle Duverger (Video Mapping, Animations)

2016      “La Noche From Spain” Video mapped Installation designed for the Amster Yard, an interior garden at the Instituto Cervantes 

              New York, organized by The Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Tourism Board and conceived by Spain Fresh.

2015      “Shifting Gaze @ GLOW” Film-Art-Music installation conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera, Music by Erica Glyn, Animations 

              and Mapping by Isabelle Duverger, Georgetown Glow Festival, Washington DC projected on the main Wall of the Georgetown 

              Canal as a large site-specific immersive video mapped installation and commission by the Georgetown Business improvement 

              District (BID) and the Spanish Embassy in DC.

2015      “Aire: Visual Concert for Nomads” Site-Specific Visual Concert and Projection Design, Art All Night, Washington DC, projected on 

              the Neoclassical building of the Bank of America as a large scale visual concert performed live with an ensemble orchestra and 

              sponsored by the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, DC. Created and directed by Laia Cabrera in collaboration with 

              Javier Moreno Sanchez (music direction), Isabelle Duverger (Video Mapping, animations)

2015      “The Garden Party” Video mapped Installation, Institute Cervantes, New York, curated by the Spanish artist and choreographer 

              Blanca Li in collaboration with Spain Fresh.

2014      “City In Motion” Triptych Video mapped Installation & animations commissioned by Reebok Creative Hub and Spain Fresh, 

              White Box Gallery, SoHo, New York.

2014      “Aire” Video Installation Performance Concert, Tempietto Di Bramante – Rome, Italy

              in collaboration with Javier Moreno (music direction), Isabelle Duverger (Video Mapping, animations), Isabel Cadenas (Poetry) 

              and Lucia Miranda (Stage Management)

2013      “Untitled mind” Indoor and Outdoor Video and sound installation with mapping in collaboration with Isabelle Duverger, 

              Wonderbread Factory, Nuit Blanche, Washington DC

2013      “Bon Bagay: Art Auction and Charity event for Haiti” Mixed media projection and mapping, Raw Space, Harlem, New York. 

2013      “Pikolinos Pop-Up Store” Video Installation Mapping Meatpacking District, NYC, 
listed as the 10 best designed stores in the world

2013      “Maasai Project” Video mapped sound installation/lab/exhibit about the Maasai women in Kenya, commissioned by Pikolinos,               Pop up Store-NY Chelsea, New York

2012      “Landscape of the Soul” multimedia visual concert with 17 video mapped screens with world-percussionist multi-instrumentalist 

              Nacho Arimany. La Mama, NYC

2011      "Resonant Streams: An Ancient Call" (large site-specific visual installation performance) in collaboration with LiquidBody Dance 

              Company. “The Value of Water” series at the Cathedral Saint John The Devine in New York, November 2011

2010-11 “Shifting Gaze” Video-Art-Music Installation, Times Square Alliance program. Conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera. Music by 

              Erica Glyn and Animations by Isabelle Duverger, Spain Art Fest’10 in Times Square, commission by the Consulate of Spain in NY, 

              and 360 degree immersive video mapping projection design at REGION 0 International Video Art Festival of New York, 

              March 2011, produced by Laura Turegano and curated by Eva Mendoza.

2009-11 “Walk Pasa Bouge V1” Hopla, Festival of Circus Arts of Brussels, Belgium, 2011

2010      “Claim Your Place” (Video-Installation-Performance) Conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera and Nuria Legarda. Performed at 

              Centro Español NYC, New York, NY, May 2010. Tournefeuille Festival Les Nuits Euphoriques, France,
 June 2010. Festival New 

              Tendencies Terrassa (TNT), Spain. September 2010. Festival Cos Reus, Spain,
 October 2010. Project commissioned by Topia 

              Arts Center, CAER and CAET with funding from Consell Nacional de la Cultura I de les Arts (CONCA), Catalunya, Spain

2010      “Nacho Arimany Trio” (Concert-VideoArt) An improvisional and free dialogue with live music and live visuals, BAM and Zora Art 

              Space, Brooklyn, NY

2009      “Playing Equality” (Dance-theater-Video), Video Art by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger, Produced and performed by Puy 

              Navarro and Francisco Reyes. Commissioned by the Generalitat Valenciana, for the International Universities Forum 2009 and 

              the Valencian Foundation for Human Rights. International University Forum on “Poverty Eradication: A Challenge for Universities 

              Worldwide” at Boricua College of the City University of New York, November 23, 2009. Festival Internacional de Teatro Social 

              'ReACT'” sponsored by the Fundación por la Justicia, Valencia, Spain. May 17, 2010,

2007-09 “For Feather” (Visual-Concert) in collaboration with composer and musician Erica Glyn. 4 Video streams projected live in 

              conjunction with live musicians performed at Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2008, The Waterloo, Cleveland, 

              The Subway, Cincinnati, OH, Monkey Town, 2009, Zebulon, 2008, Joe’s Pub & Rose, 2007

2008      “Touching Gravity 2/Tilt” (Dance Video) Interactive, aerial videodance-website choreographed and performed by Caryn Heilman 

              of LiquidBody MediaDance. Project commissioned by the New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. with funding from the Andy 

              Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.  

2006      “Send” (live music & live visuals) in collaboration with musician Bryan Noll (Concrescense) performed at Nublu, Manhattan, NY, 

              Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY, Laila, Brooklyn, NY

2003      “Beacon” Performed at Holy Water Lower East Side; SUNY Purchase Dance Theater & Puffin Cultural Forum.


FILM & VIDEO ART (Directing, Editing And Cinematography)


2019     "9th Configuration" official music video for The Rentals

2018     "The Sublime Connection" - Videoart Piece, New York

2017     “Taksu” - Alexandra Mor Tagua Seed collection and Bali journey documentary directed by Laia Cabrera in collaboration with
             Isabelle Duverger, premiered in Vogue, New York City - September 6th, 2017

2017      "Close-up: María Dolores Jiménez-Blanco", Short Documentary about Art and Power, commission by KJCC at NYU, New York.

2016      “Quantum” Film-Art-Music piece, Conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera. Music by Erica Glyn and Animations by Isabelle Duverger

2015      “Kavli Human Project” Short Documentary, Directed by Laia Cabrera, Assistant Director Isabelle Duverger with the support of
             The Kavli Foundation, the Kavli HUMAN Project (KHP)

2015      “I AM” Haute Jewelry Designer Alexandra Mor Story & Inspiration. Film directed by Laia Cabrera, Assistant Director
             Isabelle Duverger. Featured in Vogue Jewelry

2014      “Untitled mind” Film for installation and cinematic presentation, Nuit Blanche, Washington DC. Video Dance Short Film,          

              Directed by Laia Cabrera. Choreography by Alexander Proia. Performed by Catherine Correa and Jonathan Royse Windham.

              Production design and special effect by Isabelle Duverger. Music by Javier Moreno.

2013      "An Ecosystem Transforming Healthcare Through Technology" NYeC 2013. Telly Awards 2014 for Best Art Direction

2012      “How the SHINY Makes Life Better” NYeC 2012
. Best video Animation and Best Creativity, AVA Digital Awards 2013 Platinium 

              Winner, Laia Cabrera & Co.

2011      “Shifting Gaze Film” (Film-Video) Conceived and directed by Laia Cabrera. Music by Erica Glyn and Animations by Isabelle Duverger.

              Presented at Spain Art Fest’10, Times Square; KJCC REGION 0 International Video Art Festival of New York, March 2011, Institute 

              Cervantes of London, England June 2012, El Tragaluz Digital de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, July 2012, Centro Cultural Cuale, 

              Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 2012, AMA (Art Museum of the Americas), Washington, DC, USA, 2012 

2010      “Monegros-Nueva York” (video New York) Presented at the exhibition Desiertos y Cardenales by Teresa Ramón with the 

              collaboration of the Art-Lab at La Lonja, Zaragoza, Spain, from November 19, 2010 to January 2, 2011.

2009      “Is there an edge of belief” (mixed media) Produced and directed by Laia Cabrera, Presented at the 2nd edition of the 

              multidisciplinary festival "Jaen en Femenino", Jaen, Spain. Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo ULA 2010, Mérida, 


2008      “New York” (mixed media), Created and edited by Laia Cabrera. Presented at the exhibition "NY (p) NY (f) David Besora" at the 

              Sala Gòtica, Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs, Lleida, Spain, from July 3 to September 14, 2008.

2006      “Singularity” (film & video art). Produced and directed by Laia Cabrera, Inaugurated the International Video and Animation Festival 

              "Animac" in Spain, Lleida 2006.  “Festival Internacional de Teatro Social 'ReACT'” sponsored by the Fundación por la Justicia, 

              Valencia, Spain.

2003      “Invisible” (fiction/16 mm film), Vertiginosas (islands) production. Written and directed by Laia Cabrera. Premiered at Two Boots 

              Pioneer Theater, NY. Official selection: Milano Film Festival 2006, Kinoforum Festival, “Mostra International” Brasil 2005, Film 

              Screening series at Topia Arts Center, MA.

2002      “Dropped”, a multimedia essay (video) Vertiginosas (islands) production. Directed by Laia Cabrera. Knowledge Union, Media 

              Studies Screening program, NYC.

2001      “Under Influence” (experimental/16mm film), NY. Produced and directed by Laia Cabrera. Best Cinematic Film at the 23rd. 

              Annual Invitational Film Festival, New York.Annual Invitational Film Festival, NY, Land Escape 2001, Two Boots, USA; Screen 

              Addictions Spain, Ocho y Medio, Quito, Ecuador. Screenings and Films Festivals: Land Escapes Mount Desert Symposium in the

              Arts. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA; The 23rd Annual New School Invitational Film Festival.  New York, USA; Enfoque en NY.  Quito, 

              Ecuador. New York, USA; Screen Addictions, Exhibition of video creations, Barcelona, Spain.

2000      “Falling Apart” (fiction/digital film) written by Maria Litvan. Co-direction and cinematography. Cast: Jordi Rico, Carme Poll. 

              Vertiginosas (islands) production, NY.

1999      “A Dos Parto” (video), Theater and Trapeze Company Lorrojo, Argentina / Spain.

1998      “Lines” (fiction/16mm Film), Written by Maria Litvan. Co-direction and film editing. Produced by Vertiginosas islands, NY.



MULTIMEDIA THEATER & PERFORMANCE (Video Creation & Projection Design)

2019      "Falling Sky" with Nimbus Dance, New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) NJ

2019      "Lines in the Dust" Multimedia Theater Play written by Nikkole Salter, Jersey City Theater Center, Jersey City, NJ

2019      "Prayog" with Three Aksha Dance, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

2018-19  "Jersey City Nutcracker", Nimbus Dance Company, Jersey City, NJ
2018      "Trojan Women" Multimedia Theater Play written by Euripides, Jersey City Theater Center, Jersey City, NJ

2018      "Prologue" Multimedia Theater Play written and directed by Maria Litvan, Jersey City Theater Center, Jersey City, NJ

2017      “Else & Henry” Video art and video projection mapping, Espacio Inestable, Valencia, Spain - September 2017, received the 

              "Nuestras Voces" award by the MetLife Foundation.

2017-18  “Sincronizada” a play by Mar Gomez Glez, Scenography & Video Projection Mapping,

              Teatro Del Canal, Madrid, Spain - Finalist of Talent Madrid 2016 Festival, Microteatro, 2017 Madrid.

2015      “Emilie” by Radegund Hain, a multimedia play by Katie Naka produced by Stephanie Schmiderer, Markus Hirnigel and presented 

              at the Theater For the New City, NYC.

2015      “Ronensbourgh” by Beatriz Cabur, a Multimedia Theater Play by AENY presented at IATI theater, NYC.

2015      “Night” by Charles Mee, a Multimedia Theater Play by The New Stage Theater Company presented at the Theater For the 

              New City, NYC.
             New York Innovative Theater Award nominee for Outstanding Innovative design (Projection Design, Visuals and Animations)
             New York Innovative Theater Award winner for Outstanding Performance Art Production

2014      “Cosmicomics” by The New Stage Theater Company presented at Dixon Place, New York. New York Innovative Theater Award
             nominee for best projection design.

2013      “Prologue” directed by Maria Litvan. Video and video projections Presented at the Center of Performance Research

2012      “Garden of Delights” by renown playwriter Fernando Arrabal, a Multimedia Theater Play by The New Stage Theater Company
             presented at The Theater for the New City, New York. New York Innovative Theater Award nominee for best projection design.

2011      “The Road To Happiness” (Theater Play). Projection designed by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger (video,
             illustrations/Animations and mapping in space). 
Presented March 16-18 at the Austrian Cultural Forum, New York

2010      “Mapping Mobius” (Multimedia theater play) New Stage Theater Company, La Mama, NYC, Dec 2010

2008      “La Jaula Bajo El Trapo” (Multimedia theater play) Video Art by Laia Cabrera, performed at the Festival Teatro Vivo the King Juan
             Carlos Center, New York University, New York .

2008      “Life is a dream” (Multimedia theater play) performed at the Festival de Teatro Clásico de Almagro. July, 2008.

2004-06 “Some Hysteric, Some Historic” (Multimedia theater play) - New Stage Theater Company, NY performed at Soto Velez Clemente
             Flamboyant Theater NY. 2007, IT Awards nomination.

2004      “Psyche” (Theater play with trapeze, aerial dance and visual metaphors) – Directed by Maria LItvan,Vertiginosas Islands
             Production, NY. Performed at Context Studios, NY

2003      “Come & GO” (Multimedia theater play) - New Stage Theater Company, NY. Walkerspace, Soho, NY

2001      “Women slightly on the edge” (Multimedia theater play) - American Globe Theater, NY,




2013      “Hannah Arendt” Documentary on the making of the feature film by Margarethe Von Trotta, included in the US distribution
             of DVD and BluRay

2013      “The Feminine Trilogy: Part 1: Dark Pregnancy”, Dance piece choreograph by Catherine Correa. Cinematography and editing,
             Laia Cabrera & Co.

2012-13 "Why We Do This Work" NYeC Campain 2012, Gold Winner for Best Documentary, AVA Digital Awards 2013 and
             Telly Awards 2013, Laia Cabrera & Co.

2010-11 “Rediscovering Kate Carew” (upcoming feature), A historical documentary, produced by Jaffa Films, New York.

2008      Cachao, Uno Mas (Documentary Color, 68min). 
Featuring Andy Garcia, and Cachao. Produced by the Doc Film Institute of
             San Francisco. (San Francisco International Film Festival; 2009 Miami International Film Festival; 12th International Latino Film
             Festival; San Diego Latino Film Festival-CACHAO, 6ª edición del IN-EDIT, festival internacional de cine documental musical de
             Barcelona, aired on PBS’s American Master, 2010)

2007      Shut Up and Do It (Feature film). Produced by 222 productions, NY. A Puerto Rico/ film. (23rd CHICAGO LATINO FILM

2007      The World of Vija Vetra (Documentary). Film Postproduction Supervisor. Produced by Kosticfilms, NY. Las Vegas Film Festival,
             Silver Ace Award Winner 2010, Asheville Film Festival North Carolina, Harvard Independent Film Group, Docufest Atlanta,
             Flickerings @ Cornerstone, Festival June 2007 USA)



1998      “L’Estança” Author of the play, LA GARGOLA-TEATRE, El submarí, Barcelona, Spain

1997      “De la Tierra a las Estrellas” Author of the play Teatre Màlic, Barcelona, Spain

1997      “Arrebatos”, thematic book, Editorial Larousse Planeta, Spain

1997      “The Ambigious Gaze, An Approach to Neus Buira’s Art Work”, article published by Transversal, #4, Barcelona, Spain

1996      “Iconópolis” Dramaturgy. A theater play by Julian Hunt, Barcelona, Spain.

1996      “El Cuerpo del Arquitecto”, text for the exhibition, Architecture Institute of Barcelona, Spain.

1994      “La Sangre del Alma”, Collection of poems published by the University of Philology, Spain

1992      “Caducidad del Sentido”, poetic-essay book, nº XII Collection Dama Ginebra, Spain




2010-Present  Founding Partner and Creative Director of LAIA CABRERA & CO LLC, Film-Video-Art, NY

2005-19  Advisory Board Member, Textile Development & Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology, NY
2007-10  Member of the Board of Directors of Topia Arts Center, MA, USA

1997-10  Co-founder of the film and theater company Vertiginosas (islands), NY-BCN

1997-98  Co-founder of “IET projectes de recerca” (IET research projects) and artistic co-director of the International
               exhibition Neutral Identities supported by the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government, Spain




2001       Master in Film Production at The New School University, NY

1993       MFA in Audiovisual Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

1991       BFA in Media Studies at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Spain

1985       Graduated in Music and Composition at the Conservatoire of Barcelona, Spain

© 2019 by Laia Cabrera

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